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    Welcome to the Silver Siren tavern! Now hoist those colors and follow me. We're about to make a fortune. Shall i explain the basics before we set out on out journey? You will be playing as the alchemist this match. These three pirates here are your companions and your opponents. Every pirate's gola is to earn the most coins. Thankfully these seas are kind, and any pirate that gets more coins than the average claims victory. Divisible treasure - split evenly between all active players. Any remaining coins are left on the island.
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    Green: fortune - grants an affect to all players, most frequently in the form of coins. Use a card to gain even more coins. Play skill cards to gain an advantage. Split - when gaining coins from an island, gain an extra coins. Drag your skill card to the playing field to activate it. Players are ranked at the end of each turn. Whoever has the most coins takes the rightmost position. Tap a skill card to zoom in on its details. Tap the compass to confirm your card and continue the turn. When a player is knocked out, all of their coins are split between the remaining active players.

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    Looks like you'll have to take defensive measures. Black islands ignore defense and deal direct damage. There's no reason for you to keep going. All your coins will be safe if you flee now. Use the button in the bottom left corner to Flee. Tap the compass to confirm. Decks contain the cards that you already own. You can create or modify a deck whenever your swashbuckling heart desires. The islands you encounter during matches are generated from each player's deck. Island cards are drawn from the 10 in your deck, and from the total of 30 in your opponents' decks. 8 disaster cards are also added by the almighty natural forces of our world.
    Journey of Greed code

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    Roman numerals on island cards represent the round in which they appear. All matches start in round 1. Rounds end and begin when passing a temple of restoration. The power of an island card is shown in its upper left corner. Green islands of over 2 power have previous treasures. Red islands of over 2 power are inhabited by terrifying monsters. Drag this card out of your deck to remove it.

    High power red island is sure to spell misfortune for your competition. The total difference in green and red island power must fall between -3 and 3. Next, let's make some changes to your skill cards. You'll be needing a replacement. Your deck needs at least 15 skill cards at all times.
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