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    I am relieved to have you back. Ever since Don field was assassinated, our family has been thrown into disarray, and other mobs have been trying to get their hands on a slice of the cake. I hope you can take over as the Boss and help us out. Our guy witnessed her being kidnapped and taken to the warehouse up from. However bad you think it is, it's worse. We lost most of our territories after your father passed away. In the meantime, the Janos Family is now in cahoots with other mobs to wage a war against us.
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    You'll need manpower for that. As it happens, that;s why i want to introduce 2 new goons to you. They are waiting for you at the bar in our headquarters (use deluxe recruit cheat code). Build: depot - produces supplies and increases HQ supplies capacity. Casino - produces cash and increases HQ cash capacity. Nightclub - a facility to improve training speed and training cap. Hospital - where your wounded units are healed. Upgrade to improve capacity. Arsenal - it produces ammo and increases HQ ammo capacity. Smelter - where alloy is produced. Upgrade to improve capacity.

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    Birdingham used to be one of our territories. After your father was murdered, Carlow seceded from the family and claimed the land as his own. Send someone to investigate Carlow. He may have had a hand in my father's death, in which case a revenge scheme of sort would be in order. That's a special battle style, which can be mastered as long as you know how the tiles work. Accumulate your wealth quickly by building casinos, nightclubs, and armories. Equip your men with powerful firearms and vehicles. Defeat enemies who get in your way, and create your own mafia empire!
    Crimson Crime Sniper Mission code

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    Crimson Crime Sniper Mission cheats
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    Crimson Crime Sniper Mission cheat

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