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    Kill the monster and then tap on the quest to clear the mission. Upgrade the ATK from ability. You can try merging the familiar spirits if you have plenty of them. You'll get even stronger familiar spirits. Kill the boss and clear the stage. Daily attendance is only reset after you attend all 18 days. Summon weapon from the shop. Endowment options are automatically applied by possessing the equipment.
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    If you don't wont to see the video of boss appearance, then you can turn it off from the settings. Royal pass advantage: check attendance every day and get up to 59000 diamonds plus various upgrade items. Daily time pass -it's the royal chance to get up to 6000 diamonds every day plus various summon tickets. Level up a succubus from the succubus tab. Royal pass advantage - reach the target stage and get up to 30000 diamonds plus 20b summon tickets.

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    You have to go through a lot of dungeons, find keys, gold and pass events. With the help of gold and diamonds, you can get legendary items that give significant advantages. With the help of our passwords, you can speed up the passage, increase the characteristics of the character, open all the legendary weapons and accessories, artifacts, and so on. Participate in events to get exclusive rewards. Unlock new locations and pets in new mods.
    Succubus Idle code

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    Succubus Idle cheats
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    Succubus Idle cheat

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    Roman numerals on island cards represent the round in which they appear. All matches start in round 1. Rounds end and begin when passing a temple of restoration. The power of an island card is shown in its upper left corner. Green islands of over 2 power have previous treasures. Red islands of over 2 power are inhabited by terrifying monsters. Drag this card out of your deck to remove it.

    High power red island is sure to spell misfortune for your competition. The total difference in green and red island power must fall between -3 and 3. Next, let's make some changes to your skill cards. You'll be needing a replacement. Your deck needs at least 15 skill cards at all times.
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