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    A vicious battle erupted between the heroes of the Holy city and Netharion the black Dragon. The black dragon fled west after sustaining heavy injures, and Joan of Arc decided to pursue it alone. La Hire, the knight of rage, received a letter from the Holy city while waiting for the fight. The holy city is in imminent danger under the latest attack. We need your help. Come immediately. Put french archer at the rear to make the best use of him. Tap battle to destroy the enemy.
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    Tap hero avatar to perform skill. Go to the tavern to recruit epic heroes. Deploy Bonded heroes to activate special combo skills. Place Joan of Arc in the middle of your formation so that her skill 'power of freedom' can incinerate more enemies. The followers of the darkness might attack again at any moment, so we need to enlist more heroes to our cause. Let's visit the tavern and see who might be willing to join us. Tap summon to summon more heroes and fight off the Darkness.

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    We've unlocked gear. Now let's equip some. Challenge campaign to obtain the scroll and tap ascend to make Joan of Arc stronger. Tap auto equip to equip her with new gear and improve her attributes. Enhance the Glyph to boost basic attributes. Get 4s-star mythic: all the people regarded her as the angel of the dawn on earth! This deathly sick world requires a complete cleansing. Get 4 star legendary Merlin - the great elderly insisted on travelling around, using his knowledge and wisdom as a torch to lead the people to find light in the mist. The light shall never fall.
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    - a good formation targeting the enemy's lineup before battle works wonders.
    - well timed skill casting is essential to overcoming strong foes.
    - boost: easier to develop heroes, faster to enhance battle power.
    - elite campaign: challenge an elite campaign stage for even greater rewards.
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