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    After the Great war, the world is in ruins. Ryan, a man without a past, drifts about the shattered world, searching. Searching, for the radiant smile in his memory. Until one girl changed everything. Following the noises, Ryan saw the dirt streaked face of a young girl, squirming beneath a mountain of rubble, grasping her teddybear tightly in her arms. Forced as the smile is, it triggered something deep in Ryan's memory. He reached out a helping hand. The young girl followed Ryan for a long time, and the two of them made their way out of the ruins of the city. At the end of a highway, Ryan finally couldn't hold back hos irritation towards the girl.
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    That field over there should be the experimental field for the corn. Why don't you go ahead and try planting it? They really do mature that fast. We won't have to worry about food anymore now we can grow corn at this speed. We will be able to survive in this wasteland with these corn. All resources are collectable! Please gather according to need to conserve energy. There's the board whee i log order information form the refugees - feel free to check it out.

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    From what i hear, there used to be some many other refugees, but they all moved away or died after all sorts of mutated beast came out.
    Fixit bugs:
    - fixed the problem of advertising in the airport.
    - delete the order and watch the advertisement to resume the countdown.
    - solve the problem of flashback when entering the game.
    - the speed of starting the game has been improved, which was originally relatively slow.
    - when the burrow can go to the next level, the upper right button will flash
    - after the crops are mature, no sickle is required for harvesting, click to collect all.
    - see the advertisement for the tool order and get the joining prompt twice.
    - reduce the waiting time for watching advertisements, unless there are really no advertisements to watch, then wait more.
    Restart Dawn code

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    Restart Dawn cheat

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