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    I think it's time we make our way back to the Sanctuary. Arvord said he had something important to talk to us about and that we should come see him before the sun sets. Drag anywhere on the screen to move around. Tap on the portal to enter the next area. Stop moving to attack automatically. Portals will appear once the map is cleared of all wild beasts. Active skills can be charged during battle. Use sir Bitey's active skill to inflict damage. Eliphie's active skill can heal allies to recover lost health.
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    Red circles show enemy skills, avoid them. Tap on the home button to return to Sanctuary. You have the power to restore creatures petrified by the chaos and to bestow immunity to those you raise by your side. Incubator - this device allows you to can incubate any eggs you find until they hatch. With your power, these creatures won't only be immune to the chaos, they'll also help you fight. When you're ready, use map to travel to the surrounding forests and beyond through the sky trail.

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    Once you find more bests, you can have up to four travelling with you. The following loot can be found in this area. Be careful of the wild beasts in this habitat. Tap on start to begin your adventure. Unlock elemental traits as you level up. Tap on one of the three slots to choose an active element. There are five elements to choose from. Let's choose storm element to make Sir Bitey stronger. Only one trait can be active per column. Let's give Sir Bitey the shocking Strikes trait. Consumed by the chaos, beast spirits will aid you in battle for a limited time.
    Beast Brawl code

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