Genshin Impact: 10 useful tips
Genshin Impact: 10 useful tips
  • Genshin Impact: 10 useful tips for those who prefer to play solo

    The most useful life hacks!

    Plus Genshin Impact - you can play 100% solo if you want. But the style of the game will have to be adjusted, because no one will come to the rescue at a difficult moment. But you will feel incredibly strong and pumped if you follow our 10 rules-tips.

    10. Change the characters in the squad often
    Yes, you can have your favorite characters. Nevertheless, over time, it is still necessary to change the composition of the squad. Like many other things, the world of Genshin Impact is constantly changing. You will get new characters, meet stronger and new enemies. Think about it. Many more players often assemble a team for the landscape and environment, which immediately gives their advantages in battle.
    Genshin Impact Tips: Change the characters

    9. Cooking is life!
    Using dishes in a single mode is very different from using it in a cooperative. When playing with someone, many rely on their healers, who will constantly heal themselves and you during the battle. If you don't have such a character in the "pack", never forget to check the number of dishes in your backpack before starting an adventure.
    Genshin Impact Tips: Cooking is life
    8. And we're going a little more
    Common mistakes of novice players are that they cook only resurrecting dishes and restoring health. But in the game, in fact, there is a fairly large variety of recipes for dishes - and not all of them are only on the hill. There are also attack power, defense, endurance, etc.

    Genshin Impact Tips increasing the talents wiki:

    Genshin Impact Tips: increasing the talents
    7. Don't forget about increasing the talents of the characters
    Talents are the forces that support each character, a characteristic that adds a completely new increase in damage inflicted. Too often, players neglect to improve their talents, which leads to negligible damage, which makes it impossible to defeat more complex bosses (well, or you will spend an unacceptable amount of time on them).Genshin Impact Tips: monitors the artifacts
    6. Carefully monitors the artifacts and try to find the most optimal combinations
    There is no limit to perfection! Therefore, do not miss trips to the dungeon, as soon as you have collected one set of artifacts and put it on the character. Try to constantly knock out their most ideal characteristics for yourself. You will immediately notice the difference and the increased power of your squad.
    Genshin Impact Tips: resources
    5. Pick up ABSOLUTELY all the resources on your way
    You never know when you will need this or that ingredient. So it's better to collect everything in advance. It's not difficult at all. :)

    4. Improve the skills of switching from one character to another
    The practice of switching between squad members can make a huge difference. A quick transition from the main damager to support and back will help create reactions and increase damage. And using them in battle is the basis of the whole "Genshin".
    Genshin Impact Tips: Pyro and Geo elements
    3. Often keep heroes with Pyro and Geo elements at hand
    Genshin Impact is primarily an adventure game. Therefore, you will often encounter puzzles spread out on the vast map of Teivat. It will be very useful to have a well-coordinated team, where each element will become a solution to the puzzle somewhere.

    Genshin Impact Tips Growth

    2. Growth is important
    Character size is not often taken into account when choosing characters in Genshin Impact. However, this is a serious mistake for players who travel long distances in solo mode. Small characters are best at avoiding obstacles, but swim slower, while larger characters run and climb faster.

    1. The key to success
    Create combinations with such characters that can hurt and heal the squad, if anything. For example, Noelle, who can act both as a hill with a shield and as a DPS.
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  • The hero Wanderer is a character in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. Here are some characteristics and skills that Wanderer may have:

    Characteristics: Wanderer is a kind and compassionate individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. He is determined and brave, never letting dangers or challenges deter him from his quest.

    Skills: Wanderer is a skilled swordsman, trained in the art of combat. He is also an experienced traveler and explorer, able to navigate through treacherous terrain and discover hidden secrets. Wanderer may also have knowledge of ancient lore and artifacts, helping him uncover long-lost treasures and solve ancient mysteries.

    Abilities: In Genshin Impact, Wanderer may have access to various abilities and powers, depending on his weapon and elemental alignment. For example, he may be able to unleash powerful sword strikes, unleash devastating elemental attacks, or even summon powerful spirits to aid him in battle.

    Overall, Wanderer is a strong and capable hero, skilled in both combat and exploration. He is driven by his compassion and determination, and will stop at nothing to protect the people and the land he loves.

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