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    The residents of Greenvines kingdom were living in peace. Until...The kingdom was attacked. The king was assassinated. The princess was taken away. The great Ritualist issued a task. Last night, the demons suddenly attacked the kingdom, assassinated his majesty in chaos and took the princess and the relic. The princess is the only descendant of the royal family. We must retrieve her, or the kingdom will be divided apart over the belongings of the throne. If that happens, it will give demons a great chance for invasion. As the most powerful adventurer captain in the kingdom, you are our unrivaled choice for this mission. I will assign you this daunting task. Bring back the princess, and you will be the hero of the kingdom. The demons have evacuated into the deadwood forest, you can start your investigation from here.
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    Please form your team, and head to the forest for clues about the princess' disappearance. Level goal: the exit is blocked by an enemy, kill him and reach the portal. Archer - shoot a row of arrows to hit multiple enemies.
    Code Royal Adventure cheats: hack menuJohn soldier - there is no shortage of warriors on this continent, anyone who knows swinging a weapon will claim to be a warrior.

    Code Royal Adventure cheats: hack menu Shooter - because of the elves, archers are often seen as agile but not strong enough to fight against warriors. But as a matter of fact, archers have much higher.

    Meteorite fall scroll code - w4Sfc69gw . A mysterious scroll that sealed the magic of meteorite fall. Can be used in battle.

    Intermediate experience book pass - HbQfVcPg3 .The experience of adventurers who have explored many times, records the precautions when exploring in the dungeon. The handwriting is quite distorted, and some of them can't even recognize the characters. It can be seen that the master's education level is not high.

    Primary experience book cheat - OVEEW4Qgl . A notebook of a rookie adventurer, which is all about some little things he did for the residents. use it to get 200 adventurer EXP.

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    Crude forging stone hack - McN86UiTD . Unbelievable! A stone picked on the road can be used to upgrade the equipment? Can upgrade an equipment to level 4.
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    The attack of the evil god's minions comes with toxins, remember to purify in time.
    Horcrux set is very powerful.

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