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    Welcome to this new world, i will teach you some basic operations, just listen carefully. Let's quickly buy equipment and improve our fighting power before the battle begins. It is very important to learn how to use hero skills properly in the game. Let me teach you the first skill first. The lower left corner of the roulette wheel area is used to control the movement of the hero, put your finger on it and move to complete the operation. Pre-war preparation is basically here, the following began to combat, meet the enemy can not be afraid of oh...Click the attack key, attack the front of the minions.
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    By the way, you can use range damage to hit multiple enemies. Watch out, the enemy hero appears, the battle is yours, pay attention to the combination of attach and skill use. The first wave of the battle if finally over, just heal yourself, recover and prepare.
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    THe object of the battle is to destroy the enemy crystal. Follow me to see where the enemy crystal is. This is the enemy's crystal, that is, the enemy's base, after the destruction of my convenience to win the battle. Battle begins, target enemy crystal, follow the army together attack.

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