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    Wake up! Reincarnated, fated soul. The boundless darkness that shatters your soul is also tearing the world apart. Countless demons pour through the rift. Even those guided by the sword of Salvation slowly succumb to the darkness...Look for comrades, descend into their souls. Guide them, save this world...
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    The bloody ritual is littered with the bones of innocents. Claw marks lead northeast, interspersed with the cultist leader's footprints. That very same darkness is up ahead, waiting to strike. He summoned demons! Let me take care of them. My weapon counters their power. Don't let him escape.
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    The bloodstained arrows of wood elves. A twisted trail of blood extends eastward. It appears that the cult leader fled with an arrow lodged in his leg. The forest is rank with a putrid decaying magic.
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    The magic light penetrates the spirit's body, and another soul is about to wake up. The elven wanderer writhes in agony on the ground. THe dark purple magic of decay worms beneath her skin. The demons are close. We need to stay together!

    You'll find weapons and equipment of better quality on your journey. Make sure you're always wearing the best gear. Your powerful soul is linked with that of the heroes, Soulbearer. Every time you grow stronger, so do the heroes. We must continue tracking this corrupted magic current but let's resonate with the magic locus first.

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    15 pure magic crystals used to unlock the magician.

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