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    Village battle: at the center of the village, there is a field, which is illuminated by the sun by day and the moon by night, and where the characters challenge each other and practice their skills. When participating in Village battle mode, players will lose 1 ticker to enter the arena to challenge and fight in a circle with 3 other players. THe player's reward is received based on the player's ranking of 4 players.
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    Gem level 3 - the gem was created with the ancient magic and mysterious spless. It is used to evolve and awaken free slimes.
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    Lottery ticket - each gacha lottery ticket comes with a lucky number indicating the rolling turn in Slime royale lottery event. Your lucky number is 000286. May the four leaf clover bring luck to you.
    Slime Royale code
    Free standard village battle ticket - are received every day when players check in the system. Clearance ticket helps player participate in tough standard village battles. Winners obtain crystals as a prize and defeaters don't lose anything as a word of encouragement.

    Support rune - with their power of ancient time the stone is used to evolve and awaken free support slimes. Their origin remains an unknown mystery.

    Fire shard - is formed under the heat of the land's inner core and used to evolve and awaken free slimes of fire elements.

    Golden treasure key - the little key made of fairy dust will grunt its owner the possession of the most magical items in SLime Royale kingdom hidden inside each golden chest.

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    Premium village battle ticket - the power ticket is only valid for player having at least 1 NFT slime. Winner obtains SCE as a prize but defeater still obtains crystals.

    Soul stone - the stones of spirit materializes sanguineness and luck. They are scattered over the land but can only be found on the most for flung corners. They are used to evolve and awake free slimes.

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