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    Gridy: beautiful nature, rich in animal and plant resources, rich in animal skins, as the main economic source of the region.
    Bellev - the climate is complex and subject to change, the temperature difference between day and night is large, there are rich mineral resources, is the origin of all kinds of gems.
    Vezido - with a long history and the earliest written records, it is also the brightplace of tea.
    Contreo - a complex terrain, with the most lush forests on land, which grows a large number of exotic flowers and fruits.
    Cragy - the handicraft industry is very developed, the production capacity is strong, the people of the city are friendly, they like to make all kinds of fabrics.
    Life in this world is not easy. You have to build your own city to survive. Come see your city hall. City hall is the base building that determines the highest limit of your entire building.
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    Workers have started to upgrade the city hall. What sound is that? Looks like something happened outside the city! Seriously, the Rebels is wreaking havoc in front of the city. We must return to the city and form an army to defeat the rebels. Your victory have been save and can be seen in the report. As you can see from the report, apart from you being able to see the number of victims in the war, you can also see the details when the battle took place.
    Legends of Chronos code: report
    Behind your victory there are still wounded troops. You need to heal the injured troops in the hospital. Press this Legends of Chronos  code button and your troops will automatically return to the city. Troops who are light injured will immediately recover if they return to the city, but those who are seriously injured need to be given special treatment at the hospital.

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    When the commander is severely injured, the remaining troops will run away and leave.
    My lord, your duty is to develop the city. To be able to create prosperous city, you have to see this every day.
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