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    Arathos. A realm of wondrous beaty and magic...yet one also ravaged by centuries of warfare and corruption. When cruel violence touched the life of Emma Godric, it transformed her into the greatest threat the real has ever known... the Red with.
    Project V code: Red witch
    Over the next thirty years, the peoples of Arathos united to combat her and her bloodstained legacy. In the darkest hours, individuals of exceptional skill and bravely emerged to thwart the forces of evil. Chief among them were the Valiants, champions of their respective nations.

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    Project V code: Valiants
    This period of darkness also saw the rise of Aratho's greatest hero yet: Leon Daracan. In the winter of 1258, the squire from Gevalon and his princess, Theia retrieved the sacred crystal of Arathos from Balthor the cruel and saved the realm. Four years later, Leon and the Valiants would again save Arathos, victorious against the invasion of the dark king and his Abyssal Legion.
    Project V code: report
    Determined to bring lasting peace, Leon, with his friends, brought the crystal with him in his pursuit of the dark king into another realm. The realm's rulers, who has anointed Leon the hero of Arathos, declared this campaign a grave betrayal. To those who still remembered how the Red Witch came to be, Leon had become a symbol of an Arathos without borders or strife. The denouncement of leon's campaign, to them, was even greater betrayal: betrayal of a better future, and those who had fought for it. Growing tensions between the people who supported Leon and those who felt abandoned by these same heroes gave rise to unrest and chaos.
    In the Milwich barony town of Briscott, supporters of Leon have begun to clash with the local authorities. With the situation spiralling out of control, the neighboring duchy of Astilan has sent its famous knights to help maintain order.

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    Do you know?
    Arathos - a realm of magical beauty. Yet also one that is ravaged by centuries of constant warfare. Suffering and corruption became a way of life. Such turmoil would give rise to an enemy that threatened to end civilization itself.
    Heroes with the guardian, champion or shadow class can move up to 4 tiles per turn.

    Battle: Tap on hero to select the unit. The tiles in blue are within range of this unit's movement. Tap on this tile to move here.
    Project V code: Tap on this tile Tap on the enemy unit to attack it.
    Project V code: the expected outcome
    This is the expected outcome of your attack. Tap on the attack icon here to proceed. There is a quick way to order an attack. Tap to select Felix. Tap on this enemy unit within Felix's attack range. Five elements exist in Arathos: fire, water, earth, light and darkness. Every unit has an alignment to one of the elements, giving them certain advantages and disadvantages in battle. You can identify a hero's elemental alignment by the colour surrounding their class icons. When you choose to attack ana enemy unit, the hero and enemy units' elements will be displayed next to their portraits. Felix will move to the tile nearest to enemy where he is able to attack tha target. Felix's skill, Fire dragon's curse is ready to be cast. Tap to select Felix.

    You can spend gems or use Project V cheat code to summon heroes to join you.
    Project V code: summon heroes

    The formation determines which allies a unit's aura will target. You can set up squads with different hero lineups and formations. Tap on the edit button to make some changes to squad.
    Project V code: formations
    Each hero has an aura that can be triggered under the right conditions to inspire allies to perform special abilities in battle. Felix's aura grants these benefits to linked units in the formation. A unit is linked when positioned in an adjacent tile where an auro bearing is pointing to. If the colour of an aura bearing matches the colour of the linked ally's aura triggere, a combo has been set up.
    You are still able to make changes to the heroes and their positions in your formation before the battle commences by tapping on formation button.

    Take a look at the resources you've acquired an see what can be used to prepare your squad for the next battle. Tap the hero icon to look at your roster. Heroes - this is where you cna view every single detail of each member of your roster.
    Project V code: heroes

    These are your basic attributes and will grow as you increase in level or use cheat codes. You can also navigate the screen to view other aspects of your progress. Tomes of wisdom or hacks cna be consumed by any hero for experience points. Select the type and quantity of tomes to be consumed. Tap on the level up button to complete the action. Gear also increases your attributes and provides a quick way to increase your battle power. Each hero has six slots to equip gear. Each slot only accepts a specific type of gear.

    Guardian units Project V specialize in protecting allies by reducing or redirecting incoming damage. They deal physical damage and are particularly durable against physical type damage.

    Champion units are deadly at close combat, using sweeping physical attack that hit their target and adjacent enemies. They wie;d skills that further enhance their offensive capabilities.

    Shadow units can strike multiple enemies with magical damage in a single attack. Though less durable than other close combat classes, they are adept at inflicting blights on enemies and using various tricks to survive their attacks.

    Mystic Project V are offense focuses units that launch magical attacks from distance. Mystic skills have a wide range of effects, from damaging large arreas, to inflicting various blights and even summoning otherwordly friendly units.

    Healer units support their allies from a distance with empowering and healing spells. Their attacks deal magical damage but are more adept at resisting magical damage.

    Ranger units have the largest attack range of any class, able to take advantage of dangerous or impassable terrain to deal physical damage to enemies from a safe distance.
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