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    Master, you're finally here! it's the celebration of night of summer today, and i've been here waiting the whole time. have you forgotten? This is to celebrate the day when the main city of Carclaw island was completed. We, the elves, can live happily here thanks to your ancestor building Catclaw island. Chaotic elves invaded us. Let me protect everyone this time. Please open the elf note, The power inside will greatly boost my strength. Let's go the main city to look for gachapon machine. Use it to summon pixies from fantasyland.
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    Immediately get 2 hours of rewards through quick battle. Clear more stages to increase AFK rewards. Receive more rewards through challenge. Dismantling elves refunds all training materials and rewards elf tokens. To get rewards for your first top up, you must top up on hack panel. There is only one opportunity. Only one of the grades can be collected.
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