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    Code OUTERPLANE cheats: Skill burst
    Skill burst - you can earn ability points AP during battle and use skill burst. Try applying various burst effects to strategic combat. You must carefully plan to end battle. Pay particular attention to your combat speed. The ally farthest to the right on the priority gauge will take the next turn. If you fall before your turn, you will face a huge disadvantage.
    OUTERPLANE code: SKill chain
    SKill chain is a linked attack in which all 4 allies attack together at once. Defeat the boss with a powerful chain effect. Tap on the adventure button and i shall search for a suitable place. A small number of hostile creatures have been detected, but they do not appear to pose a threat.

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    Allow me to briefly explain before the battle. The screen on top displays the number of battles in this stage. I see there are 2 battles in this stage. Considering your present health condition, i think you can handle that much. You cna order the hero whose turn it is to use a skill. all skills, excluding basic attacks, have a cooldown period, so you should time them carefully. Long press on the skill icon to see a detailed description of that skill.
    It would be wise to check the enemy's position on the priority gauge and take out the enemy who is next in line to attack. The monsters you will face will each have one of five elements: ground, water, fire, light, dark. Please take a look above their head. If the attacker is in an advantageous position, the top of the opponent's head will be marked with a green arrow. On the other hand, if the attacker is in a disadvantageous position, the top of the opponent's head will be marked with a red arrow.
    OUTERPLANE code: advantageous position
    According to our analysis, if a hero whose turn it is and another hero with the same element form a combined attack, you will gain more chain points. If the team consists of all 4 heroes with the same element, you will gain more CP each time a hero takes a turn. Defeating enemies will become easier if you understand the compatibility between each element.
    OUTERPLANE code: element compatibility

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    OUTERPLANE hack menu & cheat code tips

    As you obtain more heroes, you will need to consider the formation that best suits their class. There are 5 classes: defenders, strikers, rangers, mages, and healers. From our observations, your class is most definitely defender, while mine is healer. You mage hero has strong combat power. Please check it out for yourself by battling one another.

    All heroes receive revised special stats per class. You can visit a hero's page to check their class. Each class has conditions for obtaining an additional burst point which enhances skills for each respective class. For mages such as Lisha, each of her skills generates a certain amount of burst points. For strikes, each time they attack an enemy they generate burst points and healers generate them when an ally takes damage. Rangers do not generate bonus points like this, but they generate more baseline points than other classes. Finally, defenders like yourself, generate burst points when they get hit by an enemy. If you consider your allies' classes before battle and place them in strategic positions, you will be able to gain advantages in battle.
    OUTERPLANE code: enhancing
    Enhancing your team will also increase your combat power. Go to OUTERPLANE hack menu and use cheat codes or to the enhancement tab and click on heroes. Select food to give hero, then click on enhance for hero to gain EXP and level up. You can enhance heroes more conveniently by using auto register. The higher the grade of the food given, the more EXP will be gained. It would be wise to enhance your heroes and use cheat codes whenever you can. Strong heroes ultimately become great helpers on your journey.

    I shall refine the explosive kinetic energy released during battle and distill it into something us heroes can use. Let's call this energy ability points or AP for short and...burst for using AP to enhance a hero's skills over the limit. I shall now convert all of the kinetic energy produced thus far into AP. Burst, which occur by using AP, can be enhanced up to stage 3. We have confirmed about a 30% increase in performance and additional effects. AP is generally charged when a turn is acquired or you can use OUTERPLANE cheat codes. I will set triggers that convert AP according to activity your patterns with each class. Stronger skills allow for more powerful attacks, so i would recommend active engagement during battle.

    OUTERPLANE code: recruiting
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