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    Grade I will to live module - : this module slightly increases Aegis's armour and balance when her health is at its lowest.
    Grade I avarice module - : slightly increases the amount of Anima essence taken from each fallen enemy.
    Grade I efficient Ventilation module - reduces the internal damage (frost damage) caused by rapid cooling.
    Quick access belt - you can assign consumables to the quick access belt so that you can use them at any time.
    Code Steelrising cheats: oil burette
    Jumping - Aegis can grip ledges within reach and climb up.
    Special moves - each weapon has an attacking or defensive special move. L2: special move for the equipped weapon. Warning: using the special move may consume alchemical capsules.
    Alchemical afflictions: just like her enemies' weapons, Aegis's own weapons can cause alchemical damage (flame, frost, and fulmination) when she uses alchemical capsules for each such attack. Alchemical damage fills a gauge which when full, triggers an affliction which lasts until the gauge is depleted. Steelrising code: Alchemical afflictions
    Flame affliction ignites its target, causing continuous damage. Aegis can extinguish the fire faster by dodging.
    Frost affliction freezes its target on the spot. Aegis can thaw faster by attack R1/R2
    Fulmination affliction electrocutes its target with each hit taken, causing additional damage. Agis can stop the electrocution by using insulation Elixir.

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    Overheating and rapid cooling - actions consume endurance when Aegis runs out of endurance her gears overheat and she can no longer perform the following actions: attack, jump, dodge, sprint. When overheated, you can trigger rapid cooling which can instantly restore an amount of endurance depending on your timing. However, this inflicts a certain amount of frost damage as shown in the following gauge. Note: using it too soon after overheating will prolong the overheating.
    Steelrising code: activating vestalsActivating vestals: activating a vestal creates a checkpoint where Aegis will be repaired if she breaks. Here, Aegis can: upgrade attributes by spending anima essence or Steelrising cheat codes. Upgrade equipment (weapons, burette, and modules) by spending materials. Obtain equipment (outfits, weapons, consumables) by spending anima essence.

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    Steelrising hack menu & cheat code tips

    Steelrising cheat codes: Alchemical capsule
    Alchemical capsule password - vr8eicJBe : the most revolutionary weapons used by the Royal mechanical army employ this alchemical ammunition. While their mechanics composition and manufacture remain classfied, they break with the science of the Enlightenment, drawing instead on alchemical principles that have slowly fallen into disuse in favour of modern chemistry since the turn of the century.
    Steelrising code: Essence of a lesser spirit
    Essence of a lesser spirit code - fls7oyWMq : this artificial alchemical essence in the form of a balm provides a tiny amount of anima essence. The work of a dark necromancer, these spirit essences provide the Automats they are administered to with an obscure and unknown energy drawn from the souls of the deceased: anima essence.
    Steelrising code: Explosive grenade
    Explosive grenade cheat - ikhwIRbvq : this cast iron grenade loaded with shrapnel and gunpowder inflicts significant physical damage on a single target. It is used by the mechanical guards of the royal infantry, which fulfil the role formerly occupied by the grenadiers.

    Steelrising code: Ordinary oil vial
    Ordinary oil vial hack - HTzjB9hNW : a slow acting alchemical distillate, this ordinary oil repairs a small amount of non structural damage suffered by Automats. These fluids, essential to the functioning and maintenance of the mechanical ar,y's soldiers, were formulated and produced by Antoine Lavoisier on commission from the Academie Royale. Working tirelessly in his laboratory at Arsenal, he was unaware of the sinister purposes for which these substances would be used.

    Stealth attack - lock on to the target and approach slowly behind the enemy's back. When the red indicator appears:Steelrising code
    Module keys cheat code - DbU5Eac0r : Aegis has several slots for modules that augment her stats and alter the behaviour of certain mechanics. THe slots have levels that allow Aegis to fit increasingly powerful modules. To unlock a slot with the module key you just obtained go to the upgrades menu at a vestal. You can equip modules at any time from Aegis's module menu.
    You can assign the compass to the quick access belt so that you can use it at any time to see the way to your destination.
    Improving the oil brunetter - Fl7AECeRo. You have enough materials to upgrade the Burette. Open the upgrades menu at a Vestal and use: Lavoisier catalyst to increase the number of doses. Lavoisier sublimator to improve the amount of health restored per dose.
    Steelrising cheat code: immobilisation
    Immobilisation - Aegis's light weapons are able to inflict immobilisation damage as shown in the immobilisation gauge. When the gauge is filled the enemy is temporarily immobilisation leaving them open to a critical hit.
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