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    While deep in a coma, the Kingdom's strategic bases have been lost. Losing here will truly cause the kingdom to collapse. Start the battle.
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    On the strategic map, click the battle banner to start battle. WorldWarD code: battle banner
    You need to obtain at least 16 sub-mission stars. in this chapter in order to proceed to the next chapter. The imperial army is still mounting organized resistance in the area. Ignoring them will put our supply lines in danger.
    - summon at least shield man of the (1) allied unit.
    - kill at least 1 enemies as the commander.
    - use 1-tier power skill at least 1 times.

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    Shieldbearers are powerful soldiers that always guard the front lines. You can summon shieldbearers by tapping the button below. WorldWarD code: Shieldbearers
    You cannot fight while starved. Adequate food is needed to summon soldiers. You can upgrade the food's total amount and production speed in commander management. Using AD coins will randomly give you double items, gold, or a supply crate. You can earn AD coins by watching ads. You can unlock infantry in the troop upgrade tab. Place infantry in the slot.

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    Rather than a bribe... it is a token of appreciation. They say the engineer has a sweet tooth and loves sweet pudding.WorldWarD cheat codes: pudding You can trade AD coins for sweet pudding and cat snacks, and you can earn AD coins by watching ads. The most efficient strategy for infantry is to place shieldbearers in the very front, and infantry behind the shieldbearers. Commanding troops to stop makes all infantry guard their position. However... some of the troops do not obey the commands to stop. You can use AD coins to summon paratroopers, or powerful mercenaries. These paratroopers are not affected by the population of food.

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