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    One day, the castle's runes were scattered across the castle by an unknown force. This caused dimensional rifts ro form, inviting the invasion of mysterious creatures into the castle. Unfortunately, you've gotten weaker as the runes have scattered far from each other. Recover the scattered runes and return the castle to its former glory! I wish you luck. To help you on your journey's start. I will give you one heroic grade rune.

    To equip a rune, you must bind enhance it. To bind enhance a rune or an accessory, you need enhancement stones. Tap rune on the bottom of the screen. Bind Enhance balanced rune and equip it.
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    The gacha summon rates on the left only apply to rune. Accessory, and skill book. All unlocked relics share the same summor rate. Additional damage is dealt to common and boss monsters depending on the gacha grade. THis additional damage is not applied to guild boss or pvp.

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    Skill books are items used to learn or enhance skills. By using 5 skill books you can craft i upper tier skill book. Costume stats increase by 10% per player's promotion tier level. Rune skins have fixed stats. All costumes and rune skin effects are stacked.

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