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    Mana - you can cast your ultimate once you have enough mana. Energy - once out of energy you become Fatigued. Charge bar - a witch will use a charged skill once the charge bar fill up. You can find status bars near your witches in combat with info on their HP, Energy, Charge Up, and mana. Keep an eye on these to know when to change them out and use skills. It's time we increase Sibyl's power. Code BURST WITCH cheats: increase Sibyl's power
    Dring these potions to level up your witches. Code BURST WITCH cheats: potions Witch level cap increases to level 20 once promoted.Code BURST WITCH cheats: study potions Subprime study potion - a potion capable of boosting withces' ability to learn. Use to get 5 EXP. You can gain Archmage levels by doing tasks, running story/daily instances.

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    Chaos strafle - fires 2 chaotic energy beams to attack enemies, each basic bullet dealing 295 damage.
    Hunting blades - Anna focuses the power of chaos and unleashes it in front to clear bullets, dealing up to 10703 damage and reducing hit enemies'.
    Prism Lobe - shoots 3 prism shards to attack enemies, each basic bullet dealing 351 damage and piercing enemies. A bullet deals 25% less damage.
    Prophet's Blood - summons 3 mirrors around to shoot light beams at enemies in front, dealing up to 6248 damage.

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