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    Oh you are the new reaper who has come here. Welcome to Death guard. I am incharge of training reapers. Currently, many monsters outside Death guard are going wild and violating the law of life. Dealing with those monsters to quell the disturbance is what reapers should do. Now, let's move on to the next step. No need to be afraid. Our family is a prestigious family that fasters excellent reapers. If you go with me. I guarantee you a strong and rapid growth. You see, people want to stick with me since i'm an elite. Please follow my instructions well. I can be an angel or a devil, depending how you behave.

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    Pets will give you sugar cubes when you are in danger. Pets - they are cute little creatures that pick up loot and help you take care of your HP when you are in danger. Auto skill awakens reaper scythe of its 4th skill becomes activated when selecting it during auto battle.

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