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    You're up. Are you trying to take the throne again? Do you remember what you need to hallenge? Here is the gold to purchase item. Touch the slot to buy weapon 3 times. Same equipment can be merged. Drag and merge the equipments. Equipment gets stronger every merged. Armors and accessories are now available. Let's try buy armor. Finally try buying accessory. Touch the equipment can be equip it. If you are redy to fight, press ready. If you defeat the enemy 3 times, finally you win. Keep continue. You must be ready within the time limit.

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    Press the equipment below enemy side could check nemy's equipment mounted in the previous round. You gained Evil score by knocking down ALfredo. More Evil score must be gathered to challenge the Devil king. The most important thing is not to give up. It's still not enough. You must knock down other devils to gain Evil score.
    LIVE x EVIL code Equipment stat varies depending on the type. A particular skill can only feel real power when it's with equipment that has a fast attack speed.
    Hack LIVE x EVIL cheat codes: berserker Berserker - my defense is converted to attack damage.
    Hack LIVE x EVIL cheat codes: vanguard Vanguard - armor +5.
    Hack LIVE x EVIL cheat codes: executioner Executioner - attack damage - 20%, attack speed +30%.
    Hack LIVE x EVIL cheat codes: Doctor Doctor - when battle begins, casts curse to enemy. Curse: -20% amount of healing HP.
    Hack LIVE x EVIL cheat codes: Hell time There are also skills that only appear when merging high levels equipment. Only those who take risks and challenge can win. Equipping the right item is the shortcut to victory.

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