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    The black Dragon who was eager to seek an eternal life, At the end of his life, he had invaded the Kingdom to steal the kingstone, the stone of wish. In order to avoid the situation that the black dragon earned the kingstone, the King divided the kingstone into 12 pieces and hid it in the world. The King gave a piece of the kingstone to the little prince and let him ran away from the kingdom. The Black dragon burned the King and the Kingdom but could not find the kingstone. After that, he hid over the kills to maintain his shallow life.
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    Fifteen years later the evacuated prince has returned to the ruined palace to regain the Throne. TO find the symbol of the king, the kingstone and to restore the kingdom. He build a Bistro in the ruined land.

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    To build the Kingdom, we need some a lot of money. But, we don't have enough of it yet. And the Kingdstone can't walk by itself. Where would he run? Let's take it slowly. First of all, let's prepare for sales. Would you like to go to material store where the arrow point to? Food is important to attract quests. Or the quests will leave. Want to order ingredients to make food? All you have to do is touch the food ingredient that the arrow points to. See the material you ordered? Usually, you have to wait for it to deliver. But if you don't have time, you can pay or use pass to get it instantly.

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    The basic of running a Inn is to keep the ingredients from falling. Since the ingredients are ready. Let's make some dishes now. The arrow points to the food counter. Touch oatmeal and press the produce button. Touch the food counter as the arrow points. The food is ready. So, we should just wait for guest. You need to prepare food to make lots money.

    If we sell only food, it will be a cheap pub, not a warrior inn. So, let's make some weapon. Fortunately, i have a blacksmith who i checked out earlier. Hire the Balteron pointed by the arrow. Now there is a blacksmith in our inn. He can make the mercenary equipment. As the inn grows, you can hire more people.

    You need a production of design to make a weapon? I can help. Use Oasis Bistro cheat codes or press the menu button and press the recipe book button. Press the dagger, click the learn button to learn. To make a weapon, you must have a production of design. Although uncle Balteron is skillful, he can not mare weapons without tools.

    Let's go to the furniture store. THe furniture store can go through the menu at the right side. Look for the shabby anvil in the store. You'll see the anvil as you tap on weapon at the craft tab. If you want to replace the furniture, touch or drag to move, rotate or sell. Good job. Let's receive guests now. Collected penny will help bring back the kingdom.
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