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    Welcome! as you can see, there's a big ol' ancient ruin to explore. Just one problem, i might need a little help. Well these monsters certainly seem unfriendly. Tap the basic attack button. Oh great... more monsters! Let's try something new. Activate hero ability. Now activate weapon ability. Listen up, mate! using my abilities fills up charged attack. Give it a shot! Tap and hold the basic ability button. Phew, nice work in there. Let's move deeper into the ruin. Tap on the glowing room icon to move. Tap rooms to explore further.

    Amazing! This room contained some kind of ancient scepter. Dealing and taking damage will charge your relic. Tap the relic summon button. The ruins are granting us an upgrade. Choose the flame aura perk - periodically inflict burn on enemies. We discovered a secret room. Tap the blue room icon. As we explore the ruins, the treasure meter will fill up. Fill it up all the way and you'll get the best possible rewards.

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    As you can see, i've taken some damage. Tap the activate healing button. Keep an eye on hero health as we explore. You did it! You explored enough to secure the best treasure chest. I think i see the exit. Definitely some light coming from that direction. Tap the exit room icon. Okay, it's time to get this minecart off the rails, so to speak. You're free to explore this ruin all on your own. Don't worry, mate. I'll keep an eye on you. Try and match the damage types above the enemies with your abilities. You'll even interrupt their attacks when you do so.

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