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    You mean to say i was out for more than a month? What happened to the people here? The government told everyone to head to the big cities before they stopped broadcasting. They said they could protect us there. I bet that's where your family is now. But be careful with those things outside. When they die, they don't die. They come back to feed on the living, and they're everywhere. In that case, we need weapons to keep ourselves safe. An the weapons in the police armory will help us both out. Form a matching group of 4 blocks to create a cross block that attacks enemies in the shape of cross. Matching 5 blocks will create a switch block that blows up all blocks of the same color.

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    Use attributes to your advantage. Hit those that are weak to yours for double the damage. Battle items are disabled during raids. Clear stage missions and collect stars from normal and hard stages to receive various rewards. Highrise Hell provides special rewards and coins for purchasing EXP+ instruction. Scavenge provides character rank up materials and hidden Goods used for purchasing rank up materials. All out war is a battle between you and opposing alliances. The better you do in the war, the better the rewards you'll earn. You must join an alliance to participate in all out war.

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    matching 4 blocks in the shape of a square will create a guided missile block that tracks the targeted enemy. Pick a walker you want to attack with guided missile block. Pick a walker you want to attack with Glenn's special attack. You'll need strong gear to win against dangerous walkers. Character assigned as champion will share the level of the lowest commander.

    Discruptors often come with big armies. Using an RPG will give you the upper hand, as it can damage their weapons. Damaged weapons they throw away during retreat can be dismantled for special rewards. Use attributes to your advantage. Hit those that are weak to your for double the damage. The number next to the enemy's HP indicates how many turns are left until the next attack. Equip a battle item that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

    To start building, you'll need space on your town map. Click on an empty area to build a farm. A farm provides food that you'll need for various activities. Use The Walking Dead Identities cheat code to finish construction immediately. The farm produces food and stacks it up over time. Food storage expands your total food capacity.

    Wood is used for many things, mainly crafting and building. Tap on an empty area to build a sawmilll.Materials needed to upgrade the town hall can be obtained by clearing various stages or enter hacks on the world map.
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