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    Left hand holds the joystick to move the player along the given path and pick up the ball. During the match, you often need to predict where the ball will fall in order to grab loose balls faster than your opponent. With the ball in hand, hold the shoot button to put the ball in the basket. The more undisrupted a wide open shot is, the higher the accuracy. Before actually taking the shot, don't forget to observe the position of your opponents and teammates to find the best timing for the shot. next, let's understand how to disrupt the opponent's offense. A precisely executed disruption can effectively lower the opponent's accuracy. In addition to an offensive play, a solid defense is also indispensable to victory.

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    You managed to grasp your opponent's shooting tempo. Try and interrupt his shot with a fierce block. Tap the block button to stop the opponent's offense. Different offensive moves have different timings for when they can be blocked. Continue to observe and practice, then let your opponents succumb to your amazing blocks. Basketball is a team sport, let's see how to pass and catch with your teammates. Nobody's defending, an excellent opportunity to shoot. Tap call for ball and signal to your teammate to pass you the ball. Good pass coordination creates more chances for good quality shots. However, passes that are too long range may cause the ball to drop. Please be aware of this as well.

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    If a shot misses, the ball will no longer be under the control of any player. At this moment, both sides can fight for the rebound and subsequently, possession of the ball. Tap the rebound button to grab the rebound. Besides the position and timing, a player's rebound ability will also affect rebound competition. In addition, some players have exclusive rebound skills. Remember to look out for those.

    Tap the Drive button and pull the Joystick left or right to use the backward driblle to create some space. Use backward dribble to create some space and use fadeaway 3 pointer for offense. Using skills to form combos not only enables efficient attacks, but also builds up morale to active players' ultimate moves. On the court, every player has their signature ultimate. Once you reach max morale, you can unleash the ultimate. A player's ultimate differs based on their unique traits. When used at the right time, it can completely turn a match around. Use Hoop Heroes cheat codes to unlock all players. Every match begins with a jump ball. take possession of the ball and take the initiative. Tapping shoot only does a pump fake, while holding it does a shot. After making a shot, your opponent will get the ball. Try and fend off his counterattack. Standing inside the opponent's defense area will create a disruption effect on their shots. Your opponent has learned his lesson and is playing a tighter defense this round. It's a good idea to get pass him first before taking your shot.

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