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    Hel - is a ruler pf the inderworld. her name is no coincidence. Daughter of Loki, there is a tale about the revival of Balder where she only consent Balder's release of everyone wept Balder's release if everyone wept for him. There was only a single Giantess who didn't, very likely it was Loki in disguise.

    Since the ancient times gods warred with each other, well, this isn't any news right? Regardless of what mythology, there is always one thing in common, conflict. Those stories were created to exemplify the human nature, the aggressive ego they had could only lead to destruction and war. Stories of how Zeus temper destroyed nations, how Izanagi couldn't handle Izanami after her beaty was taken away, or Set murdering his brother Osiris.

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    You may not know all these stories, but i'm sure you know all the violence that happened in these tales. What if..they are actually real? Everything you know about mythologies actually happened? If that is the case, then what is the reason for this peae we are living now? THis is exactly where Kamigami comes in, Kamigami is a card game which has a representation of each deity and how they acted on their days of fury. Kamigami makes use of strategies and knowledge, it was created by the gods for the gods. Instead of destroying half the world for their selfishness motives, they can simply put their bets on this game. Once this pact has been established and both sides agree, the game can start. This way, the gods can resolve their differences in a battle of wits.

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    Kamigami Clash Of The Gods hack menu & cheat code tips

    Hack Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes: Hades - Start phase: add 1 devotion for each Greek unit card in your graveyard.
    Hack Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes: Hermes - static: reduce Greek unit's movement cost by 1.
    Hack Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes: Nymph - static: attack costs against your Greek units are increased by 2.
    Hack Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes: Medusa - activation: a single unit close to Medusa will take 10 damage and won't be able to move or attack on the next turn.
    Hack Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes: Decimation - miracle: destroy all deities and creatures.

    I know you have questions, i will be helping you to answer them. Have patience and trust me, please. I will guide you to your new journey. How to play: each player starts the game drawing 5 cards. Do notice for other games you will need to evaluate how strong is your hand before keeping it. Mulligan is a part of card games to avoid one sided games, it gives players a new chance to have a playable hand. The rules to mulligan on Kamigami are just below your cards drawn.

    Mulligan or keep this hand? If you keep, this will be your starting hand. If you choose to mulligan, your hand will be separated into another pile and you will draw a new hand with one less card than the previous hand. When you decide to keep, all cards and Kamigami Clash Of The Gods cheat codes separated will be put on the bottom of the deck.

    The Kamigami duel is divided into different phases, the first one is the devotion, cards you control on the board give you different devotions. This devotion is used to play more cards. Some cards have effects on the beginning of the turn, those effects are applied after the devotion phase, the effects applied are described on the card itself. The devotion card will generate devotion if it is in the battlefield. The amount of hitpoints card has - if this value reaches zero it will be destroyed. Kamigame has 5 card types and each have unique styles of play. Devotions are not removed when you pass the turn. This is the most important resources on game, it is used for almost every action on the game, knowing how to use this resource is a key to victory. Always keep an eye to know what your opponent can and can't play on their turn. The graveyard - when cards are destroyed or miracle cards are used, they go to this area, some cards can interact with the graveyard. Kamigami Clash Of The Gods hack menu - use cheat codes here.

    We will play our first card, currently you have 5 devotion, there is only one card in your hand playable for this cost. Cards can only be played close to a card you control, go to your hand and choose the playable card, there will be indications on the board where that card can be placed. The card you played is a monument, it has powerful effects, but it can't move or attack, protecting your monuments to deliver powerful effects is one way to win your games. Do notice deities, gods and creatures can move and attack also! You just have to click on the card on the battlefield and then click on the slot you want to move.

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