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    One day, several giant orbs fell onto Earth, bringing with them minerals and energies unseen on this planet. People called them “the Crystal Star". Smart ones tried to store those energies in capsules and they made it. Since then, Human technology took off with the help of those energy capsule. As the demand for crystal energy soared, mining gradually became a major source of energy and wealth. At the same time, various powers, thirty for the right to mine, were sharpening their blades against each other. Area is unlocked, you may now build the base. Having A base allows us to build other buildings that have the same level limit as the base.

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    How are you always so careless, Anna? The numbers were all written clearly on the invoice yet you were still able to get it wrong. Collect plenty of Monsters, Dragons, Elf, Dwarfs, knights, and Gods. Use materials to cultivate them. Build a strong team by tasking these roles. Then begin your adventure! Don’t forget to buy some materials in the shop before exploring the next puzzle space. Try to match more Zuma Orbs, then you could cause more damage in battle.

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