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    Welcome to the training camp. Let's place Troops on the battlefield. You can upgrade Troops with the same level by merging them together. Tap and drag the troop. That was pretty good! Keep it up. Train more Troops that way. Hit the [RUSH] button to watch the battle, I'll be here with you. There are enemies ahead. Phew... I guess this is it. I think we can get them in no time. You might pay a heavy price if you if underestimate It...The rank up quest has a separate clear condition. Look at the clear conditions there, You need to defeat all the enemies while maintaining HP of your allies above 15%. We've got orders from above to lose as few troops as possible...So, engage the enemy with caution!

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    Commander, congratulations on your appointment! After the great war of antiquity, heroes destroyed the horde of monsters, and a long peace came. But the long peace became poison, and even if the monsters rise again, we only could fall back! Human, Orc, Dark Elf, Undead! Recruit heroes from all races and build an army Once again, please save this world with your strategy! Combine and strengthen - There is no complicated growth process! Merge growth that becomes stronger by combining easily!
    Strategies according to placement - Strategic battles in which victory or defeat differ depending on the placement of the same troops!

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