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    Attack specific enemies by making them the only target in your range. Fill up your special meter by attacking enemies. The power of minions: the blue minions are on your team! They will attack enemy heroes and minions on sight. Help your minions reach the enemy tower by defeating enemies to clear a path. Hiding in groups: enemies attack random targets just like you do. Staying near friendly minions makes it less likely that you'll be attacked. It's dangerous to be near the enemy tower alone! Wait for your minions to take the damage.
    3v3 tournament - all heroes have strengths and weakness, discover them to master the arena. Star advantage - an enemy hero was killed, your team gains a star advantage that makes you and your allies stronger.

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    When one of your team's heroes dies, you will lose your stars and their bonuses! Be careful! Level up - heroes on both teams get stronger as the game goes on. Heroes gain health, damage, and attack speed at different rates as they level up over time. Continue completing quests to earn a legendary item. Item loadout - choose up to 8 items to bring into battle. Each item grants you powerful bonuses when equipped during a match. Level them up to increase their strength. Tap on items to see their effects. Stickers loadout - allows you to express yourself during battle. You can pick up to three stickers. Collect them all.

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    Arena Battle Champions hack menu & cheat code tips

    How does targeting work in battle?
    Your hero will attack or use its special attack on a random enemy target within range. Move your hero to isolate the opponent you wish to attack within your range. Use the random targeting to your advantage: escape your opponents’ attacks by moving near minions or teammates. Some heroes can use minions to aim their special attack and hit enemies outside of their range. Surprise your opponents with an attack from afar!

    How does levelling work in battle?
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    Levelling happens automatically over time and requires no actions. Both you and your opponent's team are always at the same level. Heroes get increased maximum health, attack damage, and attack speed with each level. Players are able to pick an item to equip at levels 5 and 10 of each battle.

    What is a star advantage in battle?
    Killing enemy heroes grants your team a Star Advantage that increases your team's damage, attack speed, and maximum health. The Star Advantage resets when a hero on your team dies.

    How do I regenerate health in battle?
    Your health begins to regenerate once you've remained outside of combat for several seconds. Your health will not regenerate while you are taking damaage or attacking. Some items like Parascythe affect the way your health regenerates when equipped. You can check their descriptions in the Inventory tab or use hacks.

    How do Items work?
    Items are powerful tools that enhance your hero in battle. Find them by opening up MadjiCaps, then select up to 8 items to bring into battle with you by putting them in your Loadout in the "Items" tab of your inventory. From your Loadout, three will be presented to you at various stages in battle from which you can pick from to give your hero an edge. This happens twice throughout the battle, choose wisely! Items can be upgraded from your inventory once you have collected enough items points for that particular item.

    Hero Skins
    Freshen up your hero’s look with an awesome new skin! Skins can be obtained in the shop.
    Arena Battle Champions cheat code FYeFs48Jc unlock all skins. Once you’ve acquired a new skin, change your hero’s look in the Hero selection screen.

    What is a sticker and how do I use it?
    Stickers are fun expressions you can use in battle. Once you acquire a sticker, you can equip up to three on the “Stickers” tab in your inventory.

    In battle, the icon will appear on the right side of your screen. Tap it to use the emote shown. Click and hold the icon to be able to select one of the other two emotes you brought with you.

    Are there bots in the game?
    To ensure you play even when there aren’t enough players matchmaking at the same time, there is a chance that bots will be added to the battle.

    How do you add friends in Arena Battle Champions?
    You can add someone you played with or against, as a friend, at the end of a battle. Players who you are already Friends with will not show an add friend option. You can also add a player directly in the Friends section if you know their Player ID, which can be found at the top of the Friends list or in the game’s Settings.

    Heroes and how to acquire them. New heroes are acquired by progressing in the Season Pass, by opening MadjiCaps or using cheat codes, and can sometimes be purchased in the shop.

    What is a MadjiCap and how do I obtain one?
    MadjiCap hack - 2qsAOlzM5
    MadjiCaps are containers with great treasures inside, such as heroes, items, and gold!
    Progress in the Season Pass to unlock and open Madjicaps.

    MadjiCap+ pass - 6sFRgQLAg
    A MadjiCap+ is a larger Madjicap with more gifts inside. MadjiCap+ are unlocked and claimed in the Season Pass!

    Arena Battle Champions Game Modes
    There are different arenas in which to show off your battle prowess. The rules may change between arenas and maps are rotated regularly so you can fight in a variety of different environments and locations.

    Tower Battle:
    Select your chosen hero then fight 3v3 in the arena to destroy your opponent's tower while defending your own.

    Arcade Game Modes:
    Mystery Heroes is a 3v3 battle where the goal is to destroy the enemy tower. Everytime you die, you are randomly assigned a new hero when you respawn!
    Available every second weekend.

    Same Heroes is a 3v3 battle where the goal is to destroy the enemy tower. Players vote on one of 3 randomly selected heroes before the match starts and the entire team uses that hero for the entire match.
    Available every second weekend.

    Test yourself in single player challenges to hone your skills for battle and earn fantastic rewards!

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