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    Use joystick to move your character. To attack, come closer to an enemy, and use right joystick to aim and strike. Now, take out those slackers. TO deal with enemies on longer distance, take aim with right joystick, hold it for a sec, then release to shoot. Enemies often drop EXP orbs. Gather them to acquire battle perks. You've got enough EXP orbs to gain your first battle perk! Now, choose one of three perks to acquire. Complete your registration, it's free. With full account you will be able to: login from any device. Cash out axes potions and axes shards. Get access to all features.

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    What are Hero Talent Points?
    Hero Talent points are specific to each hero and allow you to upgrade your hero's talent level.
    Upgrading your hero's talent level makes your hero stronger and adds cool bonuses in battle when you play them!
    Talent Points are acquired from level up. Once you have enough talent points and coins to upgrade a hero, you can do so by going to the Hero Selection screen, selecting the hero, and clicking on the Talents button.

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    Seasonal Items
    Seasonal items are themed and powerful items that are obtained on the Season’s free track. These items can only be used for the duration of the season.

    When the Season ends, Seasonal Items will no longer be available.

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    The Season Track is a limited-time progression track full of exciting rewards!

    It consists of two paths: a Free Track for all players and the Season Pass Track which becomes available with the purchase of the Season Pass.

    Advance in the both tracks by earning Season XP from playing battles, completing daily and weekly quests, or by spending gems to advance a level.

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