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    In this fantasy world, monsters are cute, innocent, and typically harmless little creatures. They keep to themselves and don't bother anyone. We like monsters. However, the humans are selfish and greedy, and want to conquer and destroy our beautiful lands! Your objective is to command a team of monsters to hold off the endless swarms of humans at all costs. Let's do a quick tutorial to cover the basics:
    - build your first defensive monster
    - upgrade that monster's damage
    - unlock new monsters.
    I know, i know... tutorials are lame. But trust me, it's super short and you'll be stomping on evil humans in no time.

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    Let's place our first defensive monster tower. Monsters are our main line of defense against the human invasion. They automatically attack and cast powerful skills to stop the humans. Now that we have a cute little monster placed, a few pesky humans will spawn to test our defense. Bee will automatically attack them so take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Let's make Bee stronger to ensure we beat this wave. We can increase its damage by upgrading its level. Selecting a monster while it is placed on the field will open his upgrade menu and display a circle to visualize its range. Upgrading a monster's level is the main way to increase its damage.

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    Idle monster TD evolved hack menu & cheat code tips

    Let's give Bee some backup by unlocking and placing more monsters. Towers - this menu is where you can unlock new monsters, which is one of the most important mechanics on the game. Monsters are obtained by purchasing card decks with the energy resource or using cheat codes. Energy is earned from killing bosses.

    Bunny has the strength and haste aura skills, which boosts all nearby towers' damage and attack speed. Whenever you see similar texts under a monster, it is to notify you of the boosts it is receiving from other towers. Each monster has different strength and abilities. Using a variety of different monsters that work well together is often the best defense. You can dig into any character's details menu to view their huge variety of skills and plan accordingly.

    A few final tips:
    1) remember to unlock new units and upgrade their level and damage as often as you can.
    2) Take your time to explore all the menus at the bottom of the screen. There are loads of unique upgrades to purchase and unlock over time
    3) Read the FAQ in the settings menu. There are tons of tricky little mechanics in this game that will make more sense after reading it.

    Resources Idle monster TD evolved cheat codes:
    Gold - N3PKg0TJt: It is used to upgrade tower levels.
    Kill EXP - n8vxsJwnD: Only the tower that lands the killing blow gains exp. Exp is automatically applied towards the tower's evolution progress.
    Energy - MPDXMyD0W: they are used to unlock new towers and on spells and research upgrades.
    Gems - NAFys3QNJ: they are spent on unlocking various upgrade paths in the game, as well as on gem upgrades in the premium store.
    Prestige points hacks - JDBW8BUUK: They can be spent on prestige upgrades.
    Tech points - MvIoIxaaa: Earned from killing the Necromaner boss, which can be manually spawned after wave 400. They are spent on technology upgrades.
    Tournament points - oayGwS4oL: THey are spent on tournament upgrades.

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