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    Our systems array likely has a few differences from what you're used to. The formation display lets you prepare our units for battle. The panel below displays a;; battle ready units under your command. Drag them on the battleground. Each unit targets the closest enemy in the row directly in front of it. If none are immediately present, it'll adjust targeting to the rows above and below. Each unit displays current system status. The green bar shows the guard's health. The blue bar depicts rising fusion energy levels. A devastating fusion strike fires when it's full. When the blue fusion bar is full, a unit will fire its special attack. The specific effect varies for each guard.

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    Looks like we'll be able to scavenge enough parts to have source control fabricate one of the destroyed Guards. As our new tactical specialist, you make the call: which model should we recover? By smartly positioning your units to take advantage of their special attacks, you can change the course of the entire battle. Barret - is based on kinetic damage. This means higher potential damage, however defense protects against this damage type. Excalibur - is a weak armoured guard but he can deal energy & kinetic damage. DOn't mess with his special, lines behind defense are also in dager. Skadi - is based on energy damage. THis means less damage, but defense means nothing. It will hit all in the line. Each pilot and guard give different boosts to certain stats.

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    With shards, you can unlock your new guard and outfit it with a full set of equipment. In the hangar you can assemble your squad by equipping guards, pilots, and equipment. Each unit needs the following key components to be battle ready. A guard, a pilot, and four pieces of equipment: weapon, armor, core and sensor. Contracts - here, you'll find the latest missions, mercenary challenges, and more.

    Remember: there are multiple classes of guards, each with their own strength and weaknesses. Proper positioning and effective use of classes can allow you to defeat difficult enemies. Units placed up front are more likely ro be attacked first. You can protect more vulnerably units by placing them in a column behind units with a higher defense ranking.

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