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    We need to build a solid foundation for our kingdom. Upgrade your castle to gain might and grow stronger. Earn enough reputation to upgrade your castle. Develop policies to earn reputation. Upgrade farmhouse first. We can't let our soldiers go hungry. Chapter - these are guidelines to help the castle develop quicker. You may proceed to explore the land next. Congratulations on obtaining the special unit, Dragon. Their abilities far exceed those of ordinary archers and cavalry. Special units usually reside in the Genesis hall. You can visit them when you're free. The sorcery jewels on monsters would make great materials for our Castle. Let's eliminate monsters to help the people and upgrade our castle.

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    Stamina is consumed when fighting monsters or gathering resources. Send the most suitable squad for the best results. Heroes will automatically choose the most suitable units to lead, but you may also make adjustments. Special requests - clear these to get involved in the stories of more heroes. Raising your VIP level can increase resource production and gain other benegits such as the Sweep function to quickly defeat monsters. The secret to surviving treacherous battles is to raise your VIP level.
    Barracks - this is where we train our soldiers. We don't have enough soldiers to deal with the undead army right now. Let's train more. The diviner can help us find outstanding hereos, rare resources, and even special units, such as dragons and Behemoths.

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    The development of guild towns allows more core buildings to be built and more members to move in.
    Different monsters give different items, attack a monster of the appropriate level.
    You've gone and made our special units all brawn and no brains! If you want to make use of their aerial advantages, siege tactics, counter controls, air defenses, and more, you have to upgrade them properly. Upgrade special units, including their stars and skills, to make them stronger. As long as you're aware of their traits, and through nurturing, special units can be used to turn the tide in battle.

    Soldiers who are wounded will be sent to the infirmary for treatment. Due to the limited number of beds, those who are not admitted for treatment will be killed.

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