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    A half century has passed since humanity began emigrating into outer space due to overpopulation. Enormous artificial metropolises orbiting Earth became humanity's new home. Places where they would raise children, live, and die...It is U.C 0079. The furthest cluster of colonies from Earth, Side 3, has proclaimed itself the Principality of Zeon and has launched a war of independence against the Earth Federation. In just one month of fighting, war casualties have halved their respective populations. Humanity is disgusted at the atrocities of their own actions. Eight months have passed since the rebellion began. They were at a stalemate.

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    Check the conditions you need to clear and proceed with the battle. You can check from the upper right menu during the battle. In your army phase, you can tap your unit to move, or select attack targets to attack. In this work, you can also attack by swiping to the target. Select a fight command against the attack of the enemy unit: the counterattack attacks after the enemy unit attacks, defense reduces damage, and reduces tension down. Avoidance reduces the probability of attacking an enemy unit hitting. Get a new unit character: units and characters can be obtained outside of unit assembly, such as production and scouts. About formation: by organizing a unit according to the terrain to be sorted out, the stage can be performed smoothly. Let's do the organization. In the random formation, a unit character with high fighting power is automatically organized.

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    About the garage - the garage allows you to perform scouts that allows you to acquire characters in addition to enhancing and developing units and characters, development, production, and abilities that allow you to acquire units.

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