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    According to Tiamat's mark on its forehead, it's Wumuwumu, Tiamat's Mythical beast that we have been chasing. Wumuwumu is a smart and powerful mythical beast. It attacks with various patterns, so don't let your guard down. Aim all cannons and fire them at the target. Whew, i barely managed to defeat it. We saved a child who was washed away in the current. It seems the child was washed away from Wumuwumu's wake. I think this child will become someone very special. Let's teach him. This is beginner island, the first island of fish island. It's great for newcomers to practice since fishing here is easy. Let's start with the first point for now. You can see the information of the fish you caught in catch. Hidden fish that aren't in the basic index can appear depending on the weather.

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    What fish will get caught? Keep hooking by pressing the fishing button when the wave matches the circle. If your timing is right, you can start catching the fish with 10% less max health. Hit a note to remove it and subtract the fish's HP. The attack damage is calculated based on the accuracy of the note and aim point. Miss, if you remove the aim point before of after you pass it the character's HP will be deducted by the amount of damage of the fishing target. If you remove notes consecutively, the combo will be triggered. THe bonus damage will increase as the combo increases. If you remove a minion, your character recovers HP by 5%. Remove the time note, and your fighting time gets extended.

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    Since Pinky has become your companion, you should go to team creation. Let's start by using the create spirit team menu on the standby screen to auto create team. Even big fish aren't a problem if you're with Pinky. Let's try to catch a really big fish by equipping grade 4 bait.

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