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    Desert land - a fertile land with abundant resources to the north of the Sahara. The desert has produced countless fearsome tribes and magnificent machetes. West land - the Alps towers above all else, while the winds from the English Channel bring warmth and humidity. Here, courageous knights, change without hesitation to battle for eternal glory. Grass land - the sound of whips echoes through the grasslands where flocks of sheep sip on the sweet water of the Ergun River. Armed with bows and arrows, the people traverse the lands on horseback, swifty conquering Eurasia. East land - accompanied by the vast blue waves of the East Sea, the Great wall runs along the northern border. The warriors here have vowed to defend this ancient land to their last breath.

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    We barely made it to this place in one piece. The main city has just been built, resources are scarce, and enemies are prevalent. The situation doesn't took good. We are in desperate need of manpower. Seeking help is a top priority. I'll scout the area and recruit helpers. Our priority right now is to expand our territory and seek a foothold. Recruit talents and heroes, and build a strong foundation. Hero's troop compatibility is divided into S, A, B, C, or D, S means the hero has the best possible compatibility, and D means the worst. The higher a hero's troop compatibility, the stronger the troops they are leading. Use infantry in their squadrons to maximize the Squadron's combat potential.

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    We should occupy as many low level resource tiles as possible to increase our strength. The battle report records the details of every battle. Taking resources from the enemy is key to victory. Each time you occupy a resource tile, you can increase the production of the corresponding resources, get loot, and gain talent EXP. You can claim resources once you occupy a resource tile. Familiarize yourself with the game by completing quests. Learn how to grow your city and claim the rewards fro doing so.

    General, please recharge and prepare for the future. Make sure to get enough rest. Wounded soldiers need to return to the city to recuperate. Lost troops also need to be replenished by returning to the city. Upgrading heroes improves their abilities and allows them to command more soldiers. It's therefore necessary to return to the city to replenish your troops.

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