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    We have received notice that lightning Max and Smile man rushed to the scene. Vaccine Man is a Dragon level vilain. We need to eliminate him. Choose smile man's ult. Select Vaccine man to release the skill. Mumen Rider's justice crash can grant Berserk status on allies, giving them a huge DMG boost. Grant Berserk on lightning max. Everyone, we have footage of the super strong explosion. The unprecedented scale of the damage suffered because of the villain continues to expand. The association is currently confirming the disaster level. Every time you finish a new story chapter, you can claim many rewards.

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    Target at the giant to stop him from destroying the city. Heroic voucher is used to recruit allies. It's obtainable when you complete new story quests. Many powerful allies are right here waiting. When there are no hero events available, you should take the initiative to indertake patrols and explore various regions. Head to the One Punch Man map to explore sightings of potential villains and criminals. Defeat them and eradicate the threat. The higher tank top mater's max HP, the higher his damage will be!Biting snake fist Snek can attack multiple times each turn when Tenacity is active. Basic attack and ultimates will fill the energy gauge. The progress in the energy gauge will be converted to energy at the start of the next turn. You can choose to use a normal skill or ultimate here. Using ultimate skills will consume energy.

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    It's important to use skills according to the enemy's lineup and status. Let Genos use basic attacks on fron row enemies first. SMile Man's ULT affects all enemies it a row. It will deal more damage. Every time you defeat a certain number of enemies, you can open a chest filled wich evolution items. Enemy boss appeared! Let's first upgrade and evolve Genos before challenging the stage Boss. Tap or press down EXP drinks to level up your characters. Materials obtained from winning battles can be used to evolve characters' quality and enhance their strength. Genos' quality has increased, and his stats were boosted dramatically! let's challenge the stage Boss.

    If characters in your lineup meet certain conditions, the core skill will be activated, increasing the energy for hero. COre skills will be activated when you have certain types and quantity of characters in your lineup. There are normal and advanced core skills. You can activate them once requirements are met.

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