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    Tap quest to view the location of subsequent quest target. Drag the joystick to move. Tap the button to pick up treasure. See what good stuff you're found. Enemies! Let's show them the power of our ultimate skill. Tap auto to have your ultimate skills cast automatically. You can use resources to make our heroes stronger. We got a piece of equipment. Equip a hero with it to make the hero more powerful. Tap quick equip to equip your heroes of this class with the best available equipment and watch their attributes soar.We've run into an enemy boss. Good thing we just have to defeat the boss to win.

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    Valen - launch several quick strikes within range and gains invigoration. Ella - produces a water column underneath an enemy, dealing 220% damage, and stunning them for 2 sec. Mistal ripper - a warrior proficient at melee battle recovering health when attacking.
    Vivid geography and rich ecological systems combined with ever-changing weather over a day/night cycle form an immersive world. In AFK 2, you befriend heroes from various factions, battle powerful enemies, gather collectible rewards, complete puzzles, and immerse yourself in the gripping storylines.

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