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    Welcome to join my life at sea, survivor. Let's start with the basics of survival. Some flotsam will float in the sea, fish them up and see. Very well, salvage another one. You're learning fast, flotsam will bring different rewards, keep an eye out for them, now let's move on. You can check the quests to find out what you should do next. First, you need some planks to fix your Ark. Tap the plank to construct. Tap to expand the range of your planks. Let's construct more planks. Now you can upgrade your Ark. It will take some time to upgrade your Ark. As you upgrade your Ark, more features will be available. Let's construct more buildings on your planks. Open the construction shop.

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    Place a piece of Arable land on the planks. You can grow various crops on your Arable land. Some other survivors are coming to rob you of your supplies, let's go to challenge them. Your survivors gain rage over time, and they will cast the rage skill when their rage is full. Stage rewards will be shown on the panel. You can summon other survivors, use pass h0j24dKv1. Assign your new survivors to the battle.
    Your wheat is ripe. Tpa the Arable land to harvest it. You can sell your wheat. To do so, we need to build an airport. You'll get a lot of gold and ark XP by completing orders. It's time time to level up the ark. Every time the ark can be upgraded, the upgrade mark will appear, please be aware of it. Raft is too small? SHort of planks? Do not worry, build a few more planks.

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    After clearing a stage, you will start auto combat in adventure. Adventure rewards are available to claim.
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