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    Welcome! This is the border gathering, our last maintain place. You can only equip in the character interface. Click on the equipment. Unnecessary equipment can be recycled directly through sacrifice.
    Equip shop: the equipment list will be automatically refreshed every time you upgrade. Every day at 12 o'clock, 24 o'clock will be automatically refreshed. When you buy the equipment in the store, the boss will replenish the equipment in time.
    Level restriction: the first round limits lvl 50, the second round limits lv 75, and the fourth round unlocks transcendent power and limits lvl 1000. Attribute restrictions 80% crit, 50% base physical penetration, 40% leech, 80% block, 20% dodge, and other attributes are unlimited. True damage can't be blocked or evaded, only physical and true damage can leech.

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    Equipment classification: weapons, armors, accessories, soul eater buffs, treasures. Two handed weapons can;t be equipped with off hand, one-handed weapons can be equipped with off hand, and shields have no physical penetration attribute. Quality classification: common (white), rare (blue), epic (purple), legend/ancient legend (orange), suit (green), rune words (red), myth (color). Socketed notes: 1-3 holes for common equipment,. 3-5 holes or 4-6 holes for special equipment. Unlock exclusive skills in the stage 25, evolve skills and appearance in the stage 50, evolve skills in the stage 65. All atributes will level up to the max level after each upgrade. How to get soul eater set? In the fifth round, the king city opens the king's front hall, where you cna get soul eater sets, there are 3 kinds of soul eater sets, and 8 kind of buffs. Set needs to wear 5 pieces to take effect. When the agglutination value of all 5 pieces is 100%, the Soul eater set will disappear, and it randomly becomes a buff.

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    How to get rune worlds? The corresponding equipment (white, blue, purple, and orange is also acceptable) corresponds to the number of holes, inlaying it in sequence can get a piece of rune world equipment. After the inlay is completed, the rune will disappear, and the are no socket holes on the rune world equipment. the rune world equipment cheat code - er32xCACEa
    This items can only be created after opening the second round. The rune world level is linked to the equipment material level. The main material must be this equipment, not the equipment type.
    Treasure can obtain from the special events or the fourth round game, and 10 bosses drop exclusive treasures.
    It is important to note that all archives will disappear after the game in uninstalled, please handle it with caution.
    Fighting heroes - enter through the market, and open in the second round, and you can challenge twice a day, one challenge is free, another challenge can get after watching advertisement. Successfully challenged can get rune rewards and unlock the gallery. The rune in the upper left corner is the gallery.

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