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    The last crusade awaits, the most lonely and bitter, brave warrior sets off in a funeral ship. Sacred ritual ended with a farewell song, holy flame destroyed all earthly ties. The Gods await in their chambers, but short paths are not meant for the brave. Dark demons, ancient lords of deceit abducted the soul floating towards Asgard. With faithful sword and his fate in his hands he enters Niffelheim - the harsh land of ancient spirits.
    The one-eyed wolf forest: harsh dark woods, covered with snow and ice. Wild animals roam this land, rich with sweet berries and mushrooms.
    Moor of the desert eagle - deadly swamps covered with thick fog, where birds hide from ambushing predators.
    The ice dragon wasteland - desert land surrounded with mountain peaks. High dry grass harbors large predators and their numerous prey.

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    The ancient bear mound - mountain terrain with rocks and ice as far as the eye can see, covered with cold mist. The land is rich with small animals which attract wolves and other predators in great numbers.
    Viking - he is an experienced fighter, hardened by countless sea expedition. He stands firm on a heeling deck, under a cloud of arrows and in melee combat. He relies on his weapons and finds his way out of any situation. Bonus to bleeding and stun resistance, slow metabolism, decent damage.
    Valkyrie - she is the daughter of a legendary warrior, who has dedicated her life to fighting. Her sisters in arms become her family: priestesses and prophetesses instruct her in forbidden secrets. Very slow metabolism, decent defense, bonus to poison and burning resistance, low damage.
    Berserker - relying on his divine patron Odin, the berserker is stron beyond measure, fearless and strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies. The price for this is high, he is an outcast from society, warmed only by fierce battle, living in constant anticipation of a fight. Bonus to bleeding and poison resistance. Fast metabolism. Great damage.
    Shaman - he set out on a campaign for fame and fortune, but not on a Drakkar with a loyal squad. His allies are ancient spirits and elementals, and not every Ascard dweller dares set foot on the paths he walks. Bonus resistance to all damage types. Great defense, enhance metabolism, lowest damage.

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    Niffelheim Vikings Survival hack menu & cheat code tips

    Press Hack Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat codes: to attack the nearest target. To toggle between ranged and close combat weapons press Hack Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat codes:. Press Hack Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat codes: to take a defensive stance with your shield. Shields can only be usd in close combat. When you are taking a defensive stance, damage reduction will be used. But keep in mind that it won't protect your back.
    a warrior must fight and eat a lot - otherwise what's the point of fighting? As you level up, your stats will increase. Or you can use Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat codes. maintaining a proper diet is a first level priority. When you're hungry, your health will suffer. Every time you die, you receive a mortal wound that can only be healed by a potion of regeneration. SO death will also empty your pockets. Try to stay away from fog in the dungeons. Sit on the throne or stand next to a flock of fireflies to quickly restore your health.

    The mine is the heart of your castle and your home. Inside the mine you can build workshops and chests to store items. You can also access the central dungeon from your mine. Don't forget to use Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat codes and upgrade your castle's defensive structures, so you can repel threats. If the enemy destroys your castle, they'll plunder your supplies. Try to build the castle towers as soon as possible and be sure to store your most valuable items in the vault.

    The entrance to the central dungeon is located in your workshop. You will have to dig through many levels of underground dungeon to find rare titanium and gold ore. The deeper you go, the harder it gets to dig. But a quality pick will speed up the progress dramatically. You can craft new tools in the sawmill at any time. Use Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat code to move quickly between dungeon levels. These can be crafted in the sawmill. And if you take some time to install a lantern, the dungeon won't seem so scary.

    if your warrior get hungry, you better beware! To prepare a nutritious meal, you need to use Niffelheim Vikings Survival cheat code or find some feed, which means that you'll have to hunt and kill some wild animals. However, often live animals are required, so you will have to catch them using traps. Craft a trap in the sawmill and place it near the animal you'd like to catch. Use ranged weapons to shoot fast moving prey. To be sure of catching the animal you want, try to drive it into your tap.

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