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    Oh, my Captain! You're still alive. What? you don't remember me, do you? Surely the storm knocked your senses out of you. Just about nothing could be worse, i mean, we lost every single ship. To get our of here, we'll need to fix the life raft. I can't do these things since my shoulder is dislocated, but hey, there's an axe there. Let's get out of here, captain! i'm counting on you. Repair the raft so we can escape this mess. Be sure to collect all of the reward before you leave. We'll need the power of the Blazing crown to cruise these waters without restriction. It seems we have a long way to go...We can't get beyond these tangles of vines. There must be a way to get rid of them.

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    Install a ger on our ship that can cut the vines for instance. Chainsaw - deal 100% damage to enemies in a small area in front of you. Drag the pieces onto your ship to assemble it. Wow, you really did find a ruin! Perhaps there are sails in there that will allow us to sail faster. However, danger lurks among the ruins. Let's get the ship to level 6 so we can go in and investigate.

    A battleship is made up of over ten different parts: sails, bows, weapons, and cannons, with hundreds more parts available for customization. In only a few clicks, you may design a ship that is unlike any other in the whole fleet. Forget the preconceived notions about what a player should look like or do; you are now free to be as unique as you like and to create as many stories as you want.

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