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    Combat units, prepare for battle! Front row, block the enemy! Back row, maximize your firepower. Take you places and protect the chief. The senses and bodies of the shackled Sinners are at your disposal. You may use us to detect things on the battlefield to help you defeat the enemy. You can detect the number of regular enemies within range through the shackles. You SAN is critical for maintaining your shackles. At the expense of sustaining SAN damage, your shackles can destroy any enemy that approaches you. By using the shackles' link, you can immediately relocate a Sinner at any time by issuing a dispatch order.

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    The enemy's invasion position will be specially marked for you on the battlefield. Tap on the corresponding position to observe the enemy's attack route. Use dispatch order to move Hella in front of you. She can block up to 1 enemy. Each Sinner has a different block limit. When the number of enemies attacking a Sinner exceeds the block limit, the excess enemies will directly break through their defense line. Sinner energy will slowly accumulate over time. When it become full, the Sinner will release their Ultimate under your order. Hella has accumulated enough energy for you to sense her power attributes. Before their cores are broken, the Elite Mutants will possess strong attack and defense power, making it hard for Hella to defend against them. At critical moments, a Sinner cna be relocated to safety to avoid the full brunt. When their ultimate is ready, you can seize the opportunity to counterattack and reverse the tide of battle.

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    The FAC headquarters has received information on the mastermind of the MBCC riot. They also confirmed the objective of your first mission - bring the mastermind of the riot of justice. The forces conduction the arrest operation will be there to support your operation. Now, you must lead a special squad of Sinners into Discity. The strategy map shows none other than our city, the most prosperous beacon of hope in our time...DisCity. From now on, you shall lead the Bureau deep into Discity to protect its glory and pacify core crises. The coordinates of the first core Crisis have been identified. Intel indicates that the mastermind behind the riot has fled to syndicate. The MBCC's intelligence department has collected relevant information for you. Please check them through, and we can go when you're ready.
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    Please check the special mission goal and cheat codes before the operation. Achieve the goal to improve the FAC's assessment of you and win great rewards.

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