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    The ranger is adept at using long distance poison attack, keeping enemies at bay. The Knight - is great at charging into enemy lines with his heavy armor and weapon.
    Battle: you can control your character by moving the virtual joystick. You may attack enemies by tapping the attack button.
    Quest: NPCs with "!" means they have quests for you. NPCs with "?" means you have quests yet to be completed. You mau interact with NOCs by clicking on them.
    Skill: you can enter the hero screen. Then select equip to edit skill layout> King skills can grant fury by hitting enemies. 7 hits will allow you to enter rage. Ranger skills will grant 25% energy, you will enter full energy after 4 hits. A special arrow will be granted when using skills in full energy, consuming energy depending on skill use.

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    CLick arena to enter the arena interface. While adventuring in this huge world, you'll have to fight to survive while surrounded by numerous enemies. Such a brave warrior will naturally deserve the most handsome rewards... provided that they make it through the onslaught of attacks.

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