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    This is a motion controller. The character moves in the direction you touch and slide. This is the basic attack controller. Aim: touch and slide. Fire: release after slide. Touch and slide to aim at the enemy, and release to attack in the direction. The lethal move gauge will be recharged. Hitting right on the attack will charge you faster. Each character has its own tactical skills. Use your skills to lead the battle to your advantage. With particle move, you cna teleport at a critical moment. Use it strategically. Some objects cannot pass, but can attack enemies on the other side. You can hide in the bush to avoid enemy attacks.

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    To play a team game, you need to create a team. Please select the create a team menu. You will automatically join the waiting team. You can join a team by entering the team code. The team game screen - you can invite friends or wait for other users to join here. You can chat with your teammates or share your current game team with your friends. CLick start button to start the game when the team members are ready. Team member: press ready button when you get ready. Occupy more areas than the opposing team within the time limit. it is updated with a new battle map at a certain time every day. Scout new battle maps and get rewards.

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    The information about the winning rules and the process displays. You can see the composition of the battle map through the mini map.
    M city downtown - the old center of M city. Many old building are located in this old center, and its people from many different countries and cultures have made this place what it is today. Main active area of the Vigilante faction.
    5 vs 5 team match strategy satellite match: destroy supply boxes placed on the map to collect mutant energy. Take mutant energy to tactic satellite controller and wait for charging to complete. When charging complete, satellite will attack opponent team's energy tank. If opponent team's energy tank is exploded, you win the game. More energy is more damage.

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    You can open normal tactical box with 100 keys and 10 for a silver tactical box. You can earn a new squad and mutant core required for level up in the tactical box. As the number of medals accumulates by playing the game, you can receive various rewards along with the rank.
    You can raise your squad level with the mutant core you collect through various rewards. Leveling up allows you to use various skills with basic stats.

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