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    Ranged attack - tap on the marker below the unit to attack. Attacks to enemies in dark red cells will deal full damage, and attacks to enemies in light red cells will deal half damage. Units will gain energy when they attack or become attacked. Once a unit has enough energy, they can unleash their ultimate skill. The target is too far away, wait for him to get closer before acting. When melee attacking, first tap on the target then choose the cell to attack from. A cross mark will be displayed on the head of defeatable Champion. After successfully defeating the target, you will gain an extra energy. Heroes from all walks of life have gathered outside the arena. It seems that getting through will takse some effort. This is also a good opportunity to start building a team.

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    Star of the week: the star of the week may be used unconditionally after subscribing! The selected champion will be the same level as the highest level champion owned by the player. The level will not be lower than the minimum level for champions of that rarity. The star of the week refreshes every week:
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    - access to the star champion
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