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    The rogues will accompany. The accompanying rogues will not sustain damages, their attack is 30% of the main player's and their attack speed is 50% of the main player's.
    Mage - skill damage increased by 30%. With each skill used, 3 magic orbs would randomly be formed. Magic orbs will automatically attack nearby enemies. Types of magic orb: ice, fire, lightning. Ice orb - da,age and freeze enemies.Fire orb - damage and inflict burn. Lightning orb - cause area damage.
    Shield master - defense increased by 30% and 5 layers of shield are awarded every 10 seconds. Each shield can defend an attack once, and the shield will cause certain damage to the enemy.

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    random mine - in every 5seconds miners will be automatically installed around player. Miners will explode when it was stepped on by the enemies, causing Max XP x2 damage.
    demonic stance - summon an area under the feet, gaining immunity against all skill damage when in the area.
    Sluggard harp - follow on Perseverance array is added to decrease the enemy's moving speed and attack speed.
    Executioner's axe - when attacking an enemy with blood count lower than 25%, there's a 30% chance of instakill the target.
    Evil eye - 6% of blood count will be recovered when gaining a soul.

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