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    You are an adventurer. When you were searching for treasures, you stumbled upon something and was teleported to a strange new world. Here, everything is alive, and they are trying to stop you from going forward. Asd you struggle to find your way home in this danger ridden world, you gradually discover the mysteries behind it. Now tap on " battle" to select the chapter. Select the current chapter to start the battle. Tap "get skill" to obtain a random skill. In each chapter, there are fixed skills and random skills. Before challenging the Boss, you can select one of the three random skills. We've obtained some useful equipment. Check it out. Tap "quickly equip", to put on the best equipment automatically. We're more powerful in the new equipment.

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    Use scrolls and coins to upgrade the equipment. When upgrade a piece of equipment, its attributes are increased. The level is inherited automatically when replacing equipment. It's time to make our heroes stronger. You can train heroes to increase their attributes. Refresh ticket - a magical refresh ticket. It enhances you to use diamonds to refresh explore quests. Sweep ticket - a ticket used to sweep chapters. Hero tome - items cna be used to improved hero. Scrolls - this scroll is used for upgrading your equipment.

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