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    Use the stick to move left/right. Click the buttons to do more. Jumping, attacking and rolling all cost SP. Attack the mineral to destroy it. This pickaxe, should be able to defeat the slime. Click the avoid button to avoid the attack. Your every avoidance would cost SP. And you won't be attacked for a short period of time. Defeat all the monsters, then you can enter the next room.

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    Rune of flame - your third attack will cause flame blast, deal magic damage equal to 100$ of the rune amount. Runes can be gained by defeating all the monsters. Runes will take effects at the time you gain them. And they can be gained without any limitation on the amount. Different from runes, the artifact will only take effect when you click it. You will gain artifacts in certain occassions. You can have no more than 2 artifacts at one time. Choose one of the slot to equip it. Using artifact also costs AP. AP can be gained through the following ways: Every time you successfully attack an enemy. Every time you successfully avoid the attack from an enemy. Every time you defeat all the monsters in the room.

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