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    Somehow.. you have been chosen to enter into this world where we fight with our cards. THe night is approaching, you need to hurry and power yourself up. Click to start your first adventure. Hp is very important, if it reaches zero, your adventure will be considered fail. The event board. You will encounter several events and you have to choose from different options. Play the frostbolt in your hand to the red column area to attack. You seem to have gained a triangular rune in the last adventure. Runes can be gained from adventures and also by mining in the mines. Now, set up a tramcar to excavate regular runes. Now the miner are working, you can come back later to receive the rewards. Tips - here are some tips ,eft behind by a former adventurer. If you are new, you might want to read them through.

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    Achievements - there will be rewards when you finish each achievement, look, this is the place where you claim it. Don't forget to come back and check it out regularly. Supply shop - a smart adventurer always prepare well before every departures. come here and see of you need anything here. These are where our heroes live, each hero has his specially ability, which will be really helpful for you adventure. Recruit them when you have the resources. Runes are a unique resource on this island, it could enhance your heroes or even grant you some abilities. It is necessary when you are trying to go for a tough adventure, so, come and mine your own runes. After you unlock the hero buildings, you will have idle gold production. The higher level your buildings are, the more gold you could earn when idling.

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    THe adventurer union will announce some bounty everyday, we sincerely invite you to claim the bounty. Of course, noumerous rewards will be there. Every outstanding performances in adventure are supported to be remember, and here is where you make your hero a champion! Oh, and remember, a champion is required to participate in advance gameplays. Monument - this is dangerous place where the most power demons live in. It is said that there is a treasure in the deepest part of dungeon left by the former King of adventurers, besides that, you will know the ultimate secret of this island. What is the secret? I guess no one knows now, but you can use Pixelverse deck heroes cheat codes.

    Which hero should i used?
    There are currently 15 heroes in our game, and there will be more as the dev said. Every maps has bonus for different heroes, you should try to use the corresponding heroes to get the bonus, besides, it gets you familiar with different heroes. When you are unable to clear a map with those heroes with bonus, use your strongest hero instead.
    How do i get golds?
    Use Pixelverse deck heroes cheat codes, or you earn golds from adventures and idling chest. The production of idling chest base on your building levels, the higher level your buildings are the more golds you can get in the same period. If you are really lack of golds, you can also buy them with gems.
    Which building should i unlock first?
    I recommend to go for the mao bonus, unlock the buildings base on the hero required by the map bonus. That way you could earn resources faster.
    What to hack?
    I personally love Pixelverse deck heroes cheat codes the monthly card to get rid of ads, something it's annoying to watch through the whole video when i am playing during a little spare time. Growth fund and diamonds are optional, if you love to try more heroes, i would recommend buying the fund over buying diamonds directly.

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